Rock and Golf 2.0=1 -- Kansas City

Rock and Golf 2.0-1

Rock & Golf 2.0-1

Attention Bogites and Pukers! Here is the info you,ve been expecting.  
Rock & Golf 2.0-1 will be held July 29-30, 2016. 

Schedule Of Events:

     Friday, 7-29 Preview round at Painted Hills Golf Course, 7101 Parallel Parkway, KC KS 66112. 913-334-1111. 
     Tee times will be announced a week before. Pay at the course.

Hogan Party at Don Erickson and Inez Pennington residence,  after golf. Pay Don.

     Saturday, July 30  Rock & Golf Tournament, at Painted Hills. Modified Shotgun start at High Noon. 
     This will be a Kansas City vs. Omaha challenge. Each 4-some will have a 2 person team from each area, 
     with a format including scramble, alternate shot and low ball. Team Captains- Carter and Larry- 
     will form their teams and match them up using their wits, and strategery to bring home the Bacon!

     Cost will be $40 per person. Pay Dennis. Pin prizes and Billy Baroo putting contest!

Please rate your game according to the following guideline, so we can screw this up as much as possible.

A= Elvis     Blue tees

B= Ringo      White tees

C= Charo       Gold tees

D= Ray Charles      Red tees


     The Rock & Golf awards and Rock Party will be at McGuire's Tavern, 9148 Santa Fe, Overland Park, Ks 66212. 
     Awards at 7:30, followed by Rock. We will have R&G food and drink specials!

Lodging- Holiday Inn OP West,  8787 Reeder Road OPKS  913-888-8440

Site of R&G 16, 1 mile from McGuire's.

La Quinta , Lenexa,  9461 Lenexa Drive, Lenexa, Ks 66215  913-492-5500

Less expensive, 2 miles from McGuire's.

Hampton Inn Merriam  7400 Frontage Road, Merriam, Ks 66203  913-722-0800   2 miles from McGuire's.

I will arrange for a driver to shuttle people to and from McGuire's, if desired.

Send $40 check and Golfing ability rating for Golf tournament to :

Dennis Simmons

7208 Newton Drive

Overland Park, Kansas 66204


Special assistant to the Directors, Elin Woods, will be collecting from latecomers. 
Thanks and see you in July! First Call for Rock & Golf!!!


July 30th, 2016 - Golf at Painted Hills, Map

Rock at McGuire's Map

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Herein reside all the sacred statistics and trivia related to the world's only annual Boogie and Bogey Crusade. Rock and Golf began in 1991 as a birthday bash, rock and roll reunion and over the years it has evolved into the mediocre event it is today! Feast your eyes as fantasy collides with the reality of cruelly advancing years. Let's start with the locations.

  • 1991---Golf at River Oaks---Grandview MO ---Rock at Georgetown Apts. O.P. KS
  • 1992---Golf at The Knolls---Omaha---Rock in Carter's Barn
  • 1993---Golf at Paradise Point---Smithville---Rock at Riverside Hall
  • 1994---Golf at Overland Park Golf Club---Rock at the Peanut---K.C.
  • 1995---Golf at Applewood---Omaha---Rock at Cappy's---Omaha
  • 1996---Golf at Royal Meadows---K.C.---Rock at Croozer's
  • 1997---Golf at Benson---Omaha (97 F)---Rock at the New Tower Inn
  • 1998---Golf at Overland Park Golf Club---KC (70 F)--- Rock at the Radisson
  • 1999---Golf at Applewood---Omaha (95 F)--- Rock at the Best Western Regency West
  • 2000---Golf at Paradise Point---KC (78 F)--- Rock at the Best Western Southwest Boulevard
  • 2001---Golf at Applewood Johnny Goodman G.C. ---Omaha (90 F) (---Rock at the Park Inn Regency Lodge
  • 2002---Golf at St. Andrews ---Overland Park KS (99 F)--- Rock at the Best Western Southwest Boulevard
  • 2003---Golf at Eagle Hills ---Papillion, NE (102 F)--- Rock at Days Inn Omaha
  • 2004---Golf at Shoal Creek Golf Course, Kansas City (67 F, rain)--- Rock at Shoal Creek G.C. Kansas City
  • 2005---Golf at Tara Hills, Papillon NE --- Rock at Settle Inn Omaha
  • 2006---Golf at Tomahawk Hills, Shawnee KS (100 F)--- Rock at Holiday Inn 87th Street Overland Park KS
  • 2007---Golf at Shoreline, Carter Lake IA (86 F, Trace of Rain)--- Rock at the Carlisle Hotel, Omaha NE
  • 2008---Golf at Adams Pointe, Blue Springs MO--- Rock at the Mariott Hotel next to the course
  • 2009---Golf at Tregaron, Bellevue NE--- Rock at the Carlisle Hotel, Omaha NE
  • 2010---Golf at Tiffany Greens, KCMO --- Rock at Embassy Suites near the course.
  • 2011---Golf at Iron Horse Ashland NE (89 F) --- Rock at Crown Plaza Omaha NE.
  • 2012---Golf at Stone Canyon, Blue Springs, MO (99 F)--- Rock at Hilton Garden Inn, Independence MO.
  • 2013---Golf at Stone Creek, Omaha, NE (74 F)--- Rock at Sheraton Omaha, Omaha (duh) NE.
  • 2014---Golf at Stone Canyon, Blue Springs, MO (90 F)--- Rock at The Trouser Mouse, Blue Springs MO.
  • 2015---Golf at Benson, Omaha, NE (84 F)--- Rock at Sheraton Omaha

    The Directors

    Charter Members:

    Dennis Simmons
    Larry Peterson
    Carter Hack
    Larry Braddy
    Don Erickson
    Joe Horn
    Jim Elder
    Alan Hartwig
    Glen Leaders
    Mark Rannells
    Chris Dalton
    Dean M.
    John Delana

    Tournament winners:

  • 1991---Alan Hartwig, Jim Elder
  • 1992---Lee Stollenberg, Steve Peterson, K. O'Reilly, Don Erickson
  • 1993---Joe Horn, Jerry Mucke, Tim Van Hoozer, Robbie Burns
  • 1994---Alan Hartwig, A.Schwery, Chad Evans, Don Erickson, Bob Erickson
  • 1995---Carter Hack, Doc Tegler, J.Oeller, Randy Wertz
  • 1996---John McGill, Glen Leaders, Mike Johnson, Randy Wertz
  • 1997---Jon Hack, Kirk VanVleet, Nancy Salisbury *, Tim Morgan
  • 1998---Larry Peterson, Jerry Peterson, Alan Hartwig, Darren Bennett, Julie Hack
  • 1999---Jack Wood, Jim Lytle, Steve Peterson, Tony Swaldi
  • 2000---Lance Young, Mike Schwary, Rick Humphrey, Pat Morse
  • 2001---Steve Bolton, Mark Rannells, Pat Mohat, John McCormick
  • 2002---Mike Johnson, Dennis Simmons, Eric Weaver, Rob Bartness, Terry Searcy
  • 2003---Mike Warren, Steve Bolton, John Malone
  • 2004---Pat Morse, Mike Johnson, Shawn Cassity, Terry Searcy
  • 2005---Joe Horn, Tony Swaldi, Mark Leaders, Mark Boyle
  • 2006---Lynn Hawkins, Mike Humphrey, Chris Sorano, Jerry Mucke
  • 2007---Lynn Hawkins, Dennis Simmons, Larry Boyle, Devon Sherry
  • 2008---John McGill, John Jankowski, Galen Davenport, Mark Boyle
  • 2009---Boomer Price, Nate McGill, Jim Oetter, Jon Hack
  • 2010---Glen Leaders,Stacy Gallick,Derrick Sherry,Pat Morse
  • 2011---Robert Morgan,Bob DeWald,Mark Johnson,Troy Schmedkey
  • 2012---Steven Wright,Bob Erickson,Dennis Simmons,Cyle Barnwell
  • 2013---Monty Montgomery,Dennis Simmons,Mike Frank, Kelly Frank
  • 2014---Derek Sherry, Shawn Cassity, Julie Hack, Bob Erickson
  • 2014---Brian Radebaugh, Scott Peterson, Devon Sherry, Buffy Peterson

    Apologies to Mark (Mike) Johnson, a winner in 1996, not Mary (or Mark) Johnson. In the future, each team will have a "MARY JOHNSON" i.e. the least effective of the group. At last we've corrected the Johnson issue. "Mark Johnson"apparently refers to tattooed genitalia.
    * Denotes the Salisbury Rule--Rule 1a in the official rules of Rock and Golf: Whereas a member of a team cannot finish the round, the remaining members of the team may not make up the strokes or loss thereof from said absent members inability, refusal or inebreation to complete the prescribed number of holes making up the Rock and Golf Championship.


    Dennis Simmons---Guitar, Vocals
    Gary Boyle---Drums, Percussion
    Carter Hack---Bass, Percussion, Vocals, Trumpet, Keys
    Mark Rannells---Guitar, Saxophone, Flute, Vocals
    Dean M.--Keyboards, Vocals
    Steve McBride---Bass, Vocals
    Paul Steffen---Keyboards, Harmonicas, Vocals
    Jon Hack---Drums, Trombone
    John McGill---Guitar, Vocals
    Randy Riga---Keyboards, Vocals
    Dan Trawicki---Keyboards, Vocals
    Mike Bruce---Guitar, Vocals
    Jack Wood---Percussion, Harmonica, Vocals
    Ghan Bunyarattaphantu---Drums, Percussion
    Rick Prevallet---Hammond Organ
    Jeff Johnson---Drums, Piano, Vocals
    Andrew McGill---Bass
    Alan Hartwig---Vocals
    Cori Simmons---Viola, Bass, Vocals
    Shawn Cassity---Trumpet, Vocals
    Brian Reynolds---Drums, Vocals
    Randy Malone---Sax, Flute, Vocals
    Don Erickson---Bass, Vocals
    The Pukettes---Vocals