Rock & Golf X Pictures

Here is a small collection of memories, from Rock & Golf X. Just click on the small image, to view the larger image. You can save the large image to your computer by right clicking your mouse on the image, and select "Save Image As".

  • It all starts here, with the conspirators, of Rock & Golf.

  • Excuse me, gotta get the spit out of this horn!

  • Mark, and Carter. They've got this thing down!

  • So who is, "Simmons & McBride"?

  • Who are... these guys?

  • Wanna know what Blood, Sweat, and Tears really means?

  • What a fabulous Horn Section.! Hey, these guys are good! Hey, that guy on the right, don't play no horn!

  • It's the post polka years... and I'm still at it with this Harmonica.

  • Bad Boys! Bad Boys! What you gonna do, when he comes for you?

  • "Spock, any speculation on the origin of this life form?"

  • "Captain, prevailing winds will guide us through our journey."

  • Too much Wild Turkey in the straw, I suppose.

    The End